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Straight Talk Android Smart Phone

Straight Talk Android has a very compact size. Compared to other brands of Android phones, the Straight Talk Android has a handy size, it almost the same size as iPhone. So people can carry it anywhere they like and very light, unlike other Android gadgets nowadays that keeps getting bigger and bigger. It has the typical menu in the home screen. It has Menu, Back, Home and Search features button that is designed below the 3.2 inch screen. We can find the camera launch button on the right side of the phone. We will find volume and SD card slot on the left side. On the top side, we can find the power button or maybe screen lock and the head phone jack so we can listen to our favorite songs in Straight Talk Android.

Straight Talk Android

The features of Straight Talk Android

The bottom side of the Straight Talk Android we can find the charge or data cable port. In the back, as usual, we can find the camera without flash. The compact size is the value for Straight Talk Android because the bigger size for Android gadgets are getting more over sized. It is supported by Android 2.2 as its operating system and provides so many features. We can access the Android Market and download and install so many games and application we want.

Further features on Straight Talk Android

Straight Talk Android also has GPS that will also allow us to use Google Maps, 3G data speed, Wifi connection, instant messaging, YouTube, Bluetooth and MP3 player. One feature that we must like is the Swipe keyboard. We can master the texting speeds when we already used to the swipe keyboards. But we have to remember that this Straight Talk Android is an entry level Android, so not so many applications can be run in the same time. Although the applications that have been tested runs greatly. We might need an SD card because the phone does not have internal storage. It will support up to 32 GB expanding inside the Straight Talk Android.

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